Valerie Netto Equine Assistance

Bio: Growing up on horses I have had the opportunity to learn from a great variety of horses and horse people. Many, many breeds and many riding disciplines. Also through the years of riding and owning horses ( 52years to be exact as of this writing) I have spent a lot of time alone, just me and the horse. You get to learn a lot more when you don't have other people in your ear. (If you are busy talking the distraction takes away from your feel and connection with the horse. The longer I lived (thank you Lord) the more I have seen. And what I have seen is we people are a little bit confused about the nature of horses. The confusion is being propagated by the multitude of trainers coming from one or two sources, and the goal has been more about gaining fame and money than what is best for the horses. I am not here to down talk anyone, my hope is, if nothing else, give you some food for thought. Consider this an addendum of sorts. Always remember, "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts the most"~John Wooden

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